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More than half of Canadians have 1 or more broken or missing teeth. Every tooth lost causes increased strain on the remaining teeth and shortens their life span. It is no surprise research shows replacing a missing tooth prevents further loss of remaining teeth!

Our teeth are the strongest tissue in our body but they are not invincible. They can break due to accidents or normal wear and tear. Old restorations deteriorate causing functional and cosmetic concerns. It is important to treat our teeth with care, so that they can last us a lifetime. Here are some ways we help you to “retread the tires”, and keep your teeth healthy for life!


Replacing aged restorations: Fillings have expiry dates too, especially older restorations before the advent of dental technology and better materials. Over time, they chip, leak, or redecay. Large silver amalgam restorations can expand over time causing catastrophic cracks and breakages in teeth.

Composite Restorations (white fillings) are favoured over silver amalgam restorations. They form a bond with the tooth, and allows for more conservative ways to restore a cavity. They also mimic our tooth in appearance and function.

Broken teeth
Teeth Restoration

Inlay and Onlays are used to restore a tooth instead of large fillings. They help strengthen and protect teeth in ways ordinary fillings cannot. They can be made of porcelain or gold.

A crown is a complete coverage of the tooth by a hard shell to prevent breakages. It can also completely change the appearance of a tooth. A crown can be made of many different materials, such as porcelain, gold, and zirconium.

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