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Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you! Take care of it! At Kare Dental Vancouver we offer Teeth Whitening. It is a simple way to fresh up your smile.  We offer free in-office whitening after every check-up and cleaning.  Teeth will whiten by 2 -3 shades in a 30 min session. Results vary depending on the person.  If more drastic results are desired, we recommend take-home bleaching kits for another 1 -2 weeks.

With the abundance of coffee shops in Vancouver, our beautiful teeth are exposed daily to delicious beverages and foods that can stain them. If you drink coffee, dark teas, red wine or dark coloured soft drinks often, there is a simple and free way to deal with those stains.

What to do to whiten your teeth?

First, let me present you with an obvious but often overlooked way to preventing staining. “What is the first thing you do when spill something on your new shirt or dress? You go and clean with right away with water.” If you were to rinse your mouth with or drink water right after your are done enjoying those delicious beverages every time, you would reduce the amount of staining dramatically!

Second, we offer a in-office whitening with every take-home bleaching kit. Simply ask us ahead of time, so we can prepare the room for your in-office whitening.

How white your teeth get after whitening will depend on their natural colour. Since whitening removed the stains that make your teeth look darker and yellower, it does not make your natural tooth colour (if there were stain free) whiter. In general we all have fairly white teeth, and whitening will make your teeth look stain-free and natural.

If you desire more dramatic results, we recommend a bleaching kit to use at home. This methods has been the standard in dentistry.

The Canadian Dental Association has some information about Teeth Whitening that you might find useful!

Teeth Whitening Vancouver: Contact us if you have any questions! We’ll be happy to answer them!

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