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One of our main services in Vancouver are Dental Emergencies. If you are in pain or suffered dental trauma, we will see you immediately for dental emergency and/or pain relief.  If you are calling after regular hours, one of our Vancouver dentists will be happy to speak with you on the phone to determine the best course of action.

All of the following situations require that you see your dentist soon, if not immediately.

This information will help you determine the action you should take. Some dental problems are emergencies, requiring immediate attention, others are less urgent.

  • Tooth Knocked Out
  • Toothache
  • Broken Tooth
  • Wisdom Tooth/Teeth
  • Mouth Sores
  • Loose Tooth
  • Jaw or Muscle pain
  • Broken Orthodontic Wire or Retainer
  • Broken Denture, Partial, Bridge or Crown


Tooth Knocked Out

When a full tooth is accidentally knocked out, the faster the tooth is put back, the better it will heal and prevent future problems.

What to do?

  1. Find the tooth
  2. Hold on to the chewing surface of the tooth (crown) and rinse the root of the tooth gently with water (do not touch the root or scrub the root)
  3. Reposition tooth immediately, use your existing teeth as reference and push until they are exactly or close to the position of the neighbouring teeth.
  4. Hold firmly with your fingers and come in to see us ASAP

Kare Dental Vancouver - Tooth knock out

IF you can’t reposition the tooth in your mouth: put the tooth in milk or a tooth preservation kit (at the pharmacy), then come in to see us ASAP


One of the most common dental emergencies is toothache! Almost everyone experienced or will experience a toothache in their life. They are universal and can be prevented with regular dental exams and cleanings.

Here is a list of reasons a tooth might hurt:

Cavity (hole in the tooth): cavities are caused by a specific type of bacteria that work hard at making hole in your teeth, the hole can be in between your teeth where you cannot feel and continue to grow deeper without you knowing. “If you have termites in your home, you want to find out and deal with it ASAP, rather then wait until one day your foot goes through the kitchen floor and it’s too late. Cavities are the same, if it’s not hurting you, take care of it now and your tooth will be healthy.”

Kare Dental Vancouver - Cavities


Deep Cavity and Infection: When the cavities reach so deep into the tooth, an infection takes place, this can lead to constant and high levels of pain for many hours. Dental Infections is not like an ear infection, it doesn’t go away with Antibiotics alone. “If your roof is leaking into the wall and you only change the wallpaper or put some paint over it, it doesn’t fix the real problem… the root is leaking!”

Kare Dental Vancouver - Deep Cavity and Infection


We found useful information from the Holistic Dental Institute to share with you about cavities, we hope you find it interesting!

Broken Tooth

Another common dental emergency is Broken tooth! Just like our skin, our tooth has nerves and they act like sensors or detectors for when something bad is happening. When a tooth breaks, these sensors go on high alert and signals to you that something is wrong, unfortunately in the form of pain. Most broken teeth can be saved, but don’t wait too long. Waiting for a severe problem to go away without intervention usually leads to loosing the tooth and eventually other teeth as well. “Think of your teeth as a big truck, if you start removing tires, the truck won’t be able to support itself and everything starts to break down.”

Wisdom Tooth/Teeth

Wisdom teeth evolved to replace the teeth in from the them when we loose them. And before dentistry was invented, loosing teeth was as common as getting a cold. It is now more common to see people in their 60’s and even 90’s to have all of their teeth. When wisdom teeth come out, if there is no room (sometimes there is enough room), they run out of space. They try to squeeze their way out and end up looking like they are doing acrobatics. These unnatural wisdom teeth positions end up making the gums, bone and teeth around them unhealthy and sometime painful. “Allow your wisdom teeth to stay when there is simply not enough room is similar to trying to fill that full plastic or paper grocery bag with something else, just to find out it ripped on your way home and the other items are starting to fall out.”

Kare Dental Vancouver - Wisdom Tooth


Mouth Sores

The inside of our mouth is like our skin, it can bruise, get a sore or bleed. But thankfully they tend to heal quickly within a week or two. In the mean time, anything that can make the symptoms more tolerable is recommended. If you feel a sore or an abnormal “shape or lump” in your mouth for more than 2 weeks, please also come in, for us to take a look and help you diagnose it.


Loose Tooth

Gum disease is silent and non-symptomatic until it is too late and the tooth is loose. There are a few specific types of bacteria that work hard at damaging and removing the bone around your teeth. Imagine a person digging out soil from around a tree with a spoon non-stop, it will take many years and sometimes decades, but eventually when there is nothing keeping the tree upright, it will fall. Same for teeth, when there is not enough bone around your teeth, they loosen up and unfortunately cannot be successfully saved. A great way to prevent gum disease is to clean your teeth properly: your tooth brush only reaches the exposed surface of your teeth, what about in between your teeth. Only brushing your teeth is similar to taking a shower but never washing your hair. To properly clean your teeth, you also need to clean in between them. We are happy show you how!

Kare Dental Vancouver - Periodontal Disease

Find out more information about Periodontal disease.


Jaw or Muscle Pain

Our jaw joint, jaw muscles and teeth all belong to different systems in our body that try to work together and succeed at it most of the time. Sometimes, either the joint, the muscle or the teeth try to take the reigns and think they are more important than the others. This results in a conflicting relationship manifested by discomfort, muscle soreness, ear/joint pain, headaches, teeth fracture and toothaches. We are trained to care for not only your teeth but all these systems (jaw, joint and muscles) working with your teeth. You’d be surprised how something on one side of your body can affect all the rest. Come see us for a full jaw joint, muscle and dental exam.


Broken Orthodontic Wire or Retainer

Teeth have a mind of their own, they move and what keeps them moving are orthodontic wires and retainers. If you happen to break or loose your wire or retainer, don’t wait too long (even 1 week is considered too long). Once your teeth realize they can shift and move again, they will.


Broken Denture, Partial, Bridge or Crown

This is also a very common dental emergency! With the advancement in technology, the material we use to replace missing teeth have significantly improve in strength and beauty (how natural they look). Just like any material in the world, it can break. By definition something that is broken will not work properly or the way it was intended to. Don’t wait too long before addressing those issues especially if it does not hurt. “If your have a flat tire, do you wait until the other tires are flat before addressing the problem?”


At Kare Dental Vancouver, we hope you found this section useful! Please contact us if you have any questions regarding dental emergencies! We are here for you!



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